I select Mechanics for my genius hour because I like to work on cars and trucks. I hope to gain more experience in mechanics. My experience so far is good I learned how a trucks engine works and its parts work. I have improved my skills in Mechanics, I know a little bit of a trucks engine. Now after I researched parts of a trucks engine, I learned a lot more of a trucks engine. My greatest challenge is to build a model of a trucks engine.  I have researched the internet for  2 hours to learn the parts of a trucks engine and how it works.  
The Career i am doing is Mechanical engineering . A Mechanic gets paid $20.46 is low paid $38.46 is median and $57.69 is high. The working environment is outside and some are inside but there is no heat. The Education required is Math - Science and you should take Mechanics. Important facts about a mechanic here is no important facts about mechanics. I want to be a Mechanic because if my car brakes down on the road I don't have to take it to the Mechanic. I can just go to the store and buy the parts myself and fix it at home.

Genius hour so far has been a great experience where I can discover myself and what I like to do. I am going to build a model of a car engine. I have  searched  the internet, parts of a car engine. I need more information about  the  car’s  engine. I found out a little about a car’s engine. I found out a car engine has 4 to 6 cylinders and a truck has V8 to V10 engine . This is the website i use to find my information is http://www.howstuffworks.com/engine2.htm this is were i find the information about a car's engine. Below this is a supercharged V12 engine 

I think schools kill creativity because your in class for 1 hour. You have no freedom to play outside and video games. Your allways doing work. You have no time to play or do something else. That's what i think about schools kill creativity